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Empowering Small Business with Better IT Services

Our goal is to provide affordable managed IT solutions to small business owners and non-profits so they can work in a safe, efficient and more enjoyable environment.


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Data Backup & Security

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. We have several affordable backup solutions to give you peace of mind. Protecting your users from viruses and malware can cause serious downtime. We deploy solutions that keep you secure and running efficiently.


IT Management

We use the latest real time technology that enable our administrators to manage networks from the cloud. This results in better support to your end users and improves control of your distributed IT environment (and it can lower costs too).

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Servers and network operating systems, network infrastructure and security, backups and recovery, email and collaboration are all critical to your success. We take care of everything from monitoring computer networks, managing hardware and software, and maintaining network security.



We monitor most problems and resolve them remotely but some situations you’ll need on-site support. Whether it’s help with a server, computer, network or peripheral device we have you covered.

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Peripherals & Hardware

Printers, access points or other peripherals can be critical to your organization. Our team can recommend, deploy, install or repair these devices. And with partnerships across several technology providers we often receive preferred pricing and pass those savings onto our clients.

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Your Personal Help Desk

With Safe Haven IT as your help desk, we’re just a call or click away to fast and efficient help.

Website Design & Management

We provide superior & professional web design services at an affordable price and help turn your ideas into reality on the web. Utilizing latest web technologies, we make beautiful custom websites for your impressive web presence, equally accessible on desktop and mobile devices. From customizing WordPress themes, to making unique themes from scratch, tailored just for your needs.

App Development

We create web, desktop and mobile apps to satisfy needs of your customers in the 21st century. We continuously update your apps to keep them up to date and safe from intrusion. Have your business app accessible from all platforms that your employees and your customers may use.

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Web design & develpoment

Precision Golf Dome

A dynamic team of entrepreneurs engaged us to produce a custom site to showcase their startup project to potential investors. Their energy and vision inspired us to produce a custom solution tailored to their specific needs.The website is designed as a 'full page' layout and you can navigate it without refreshing the browser. We utilized a powerful October CMS and modern front-end development techniques to produce a dynamic seamless experience to help our clients engage potential investors.

We combined an intro video with an overlay of text at particular cues to convey important messages our clients wanted to present. Navigating through slides and pages is facilitated with animations providing a dynamic flow experience.